Pens by Kris


Slim style pens - Standard most common style of pen around.

Cigar style pens - A heavier "fatter" style pen.

Classic and Rollerball style pens - A classier style of pen.

Sierra style pens - a versatile pen that's alot of fun

Fountain pens - The ultimate in writing instruments

European Style Pens - more commonly known as the "Mont Blanc" style pen.

Other items - Darts, Keychains, Cigar Punches, Sewing Needle holders, etc....

Pen Making Supplies - Casting Molds, Pen Blanks for Pen makers

Ordering and Shipping information

Gallery of Pens I have made

Welcome to Pens by Kris

Here you will find handcrafted writing instruments and other items of high quality.

Please browse throughout the site. New Items are always being added. The items for that are pictured are the actual items for sale. If you see something that you like but is already sold feel free to request for one to be made for you.

Please remember that with the materials involved and every item is handcrafted that each one is unique.

Some of the pages do not have a lot of items on them. That is because I'll only list what is in stock and ready to ship. The pages will fill out fairly quickly once I get to spend some more time out in the shop.


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